Are you planning to remodel your bathroom soon?Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning and selecting materials –

1) Hire an Interior Designer – First, and foremost, be sure to hire a professional interior designer. Going this route will save you not only a ton of time, but a lot of money in the long run! These professionals design spaces every day and know all of the ins and outs to make the overall process easier and less stressful.


2) Budget – Research standard bathroom remodel budgets in your area. Your designer will work with you to be sure to select all of the elements and educate you on what a realistic budget is for you and what you want to achieve. They are great at plugging in each element necessary, such as plumbing, tile, cabinetry, labor, etc. I stress to all of my clients, do you not try to do this on your own. This is the most time consuming part of the design process. Put it in the hands of a professional who again, does this everyday, you’ll be glad you did. That’s what we’re hired to do for you.

3) Create a plan – Your designer can create a floorplan that makes sense and functions well. Whether you keep the same layout or change things around, it’s important to have a plan so that the contractor chosen can bid it more accurately.

4) Materials – Be sure to select materials that are easy to clean and withstand being in a wet area. Porcelain is always a good go-to choice due to it’s durability and easy maintenance. A lot of porcelains today are also through body, which means if it chips, the same color shows through, and isn’t as noticeable.

5) Less Grout – The popular tile installation today is called “but-joint”. This means each tile is installed very close to the next one, so the grout is less visible. And if you chose a larger tile, let’s say on the floor, you’ll also have less grout to keep clean.

6) Plumbing – Keep in mind that designing the same plumbing layout keeps your labor costs down. If you are changing the configuration, check with a contractor before the plans are created, so you have a better idea of what is involved. If you’re buying all new fixtures, allow for it in your budget. It can add up quickly and is the second largest portion of your budget, labor being the largest portion. Even using the same layout, issues can arise behind the walls once demo and construction has begun. Be prepared for any and all surprises.

7) Contractors – I would highly recommend going through your hired designer for contractor referrals. They are a great source for that because they work with them every day and know their quality of work and reliability. Make sure they are licensed and bonded. I highly recommend getting a few client references for testimonials as well.

If you need further assistance or help with your bathroom project, I would love to help! I am located in Orange County, CA, but can also work with you remotely via the internet.

Best Wishes, Audra Wrightson, CID, Allied ASID Certified Interior Designer

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Audra Wrightson, Certified Interior Designer

Over the last two decades, Audra has become one of the most sought-after interior designers in Southern California. Named one of Orange County’s top 5 Interior Designers by CBS News and the recipient of many design awards, Audra has gained local recognition for her work, and enjoys being active in giving back to local charity organizations in Orange County, California.