How many times have you walked into your home and thought to

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Then overwhelm sets in from all of the choices you have to make. All of the decisions required that comes with a remodel project. The material selections, the right layout and color placement, making sure you hire the right contractors, the potential errors and costly mistakes pile up in your head and you become paralyzed with indecision, so you change your mind.

So you put it on hold, because you have too much to take care of already and how on earth are you going to be able to manage a remodel on top of all of it. Between all of the responsibilities of your daily job or running your own business, the kids homework and sports, your daily errands and obligations, your social life, your travel plans…You’ve already got your hands full.

So your dream project pushes to next month.

Next season.

Next year.

…Sound familiar?

Orange County Kitchen Designed by Audra Wrightson.jpg

But your dream home may not be as far as you think…

If you are looking to design or remodel your home, and you want to ensure success, then hiring an interior designer might be for you.

Think about the costly mistakes you’ll avoid!


Hire a Design Professional

Close your eyes and imagine sitting in your new dream home or corporate office.

Everything around you is a pure reflection of you and your personality, all of your dream spaces, and the design process was a total breeze.

The contractors finished on schedule and within budget, and they implemented and installed everything correctly the first time around!

Meanwhile, your whole life didn’t have to stop to supervise anyone.

How is that possible?

Well, you hired the right designer.

By teaming up with the authority in home renovation, your designer is able to select quality materials and furnishings that reflect your unique style, create a unique color scheme, and put all together to wrap it up and deliver your dream home.

The process seemed effortless for the following reasons:

  • You had support, guidance, and an expert holding your hand for the big design decisions each step of the way.

  • Your designer partnered with her trusted team of contractors, who are also individual experts in each of their trades.

  • She created a detailed and specific plan to be handed to the contractor, and also oversaw the project from concept to completion, in turn giving you the freedom to live your daily life throughout the process.

  • She knew how to make a space flow from room to room by coordinating several different materials or textures to create a harmonious and beautiful color scheme.

  • She ordered custom furniture to perfectly match your space aesthetics and lifestyle, so that you didn’t have to experience the horror of purchasing the wrong size and fabric.

  • With decades of experience, your designer knew which showrooms to visit, which materials to pull for you, and how to create your individual and unique style that you may not even know you wanted to achieve.

Is it expensive? The expense and overall experience pays off in the long run and is officially “priceless” when the project is completed.

With a design industry expert, things get done right the first time, thus saving you time and money in the long run!

You’re given the freedom to live your daily life and responsibilities during the process, because there is someone you trust managing the project. Audra is the expert who understands your vision is an invaluable asset that saves you from making costly mistakes, having to do tasks more than once, or wasting time overseeing teams of contractors who can’t seem to get it right on their own or within the promised timeline or budget.

Let’s walk you through it…

Understanding the Interior Design Process

Initial Consultation

An in person consultation to meet with you and see the spaces you want to transform.  This helps to get a better feel and understanding of what your wants, needs and overall budget looks like. From there we develop your personal design proposal, which maps out your design plan to get you started. Once you hire us, then we start working on the conceptual phase of design.

Concept Development

We research and develop ideas to help your spaces function efficiently and complement either your current space aesthetics or create a brand new design to build upon.

Materials & Color Scheme Development

In this next phase, we visit local showrooms and research unique products, materials, and finishes to complement your overall style and color scheme.

Design Presentation

At this point, we communicate our design concept to you by presenting our overall design ideas and materials. This is when you see your dream home start to materialize.

Purchasing & Implementation

Approved materials and products are ordered and delivered to the jobsite through our long term relationships of trusted vendors and local showrooms.

Project Oversight

As the work begins, Audra personally oversees the contractors at the jobsite to ensure the approved materials and design layout are implemented properly and that the agreed timeline stays on track and within budget.

Final Walk-Thru

Once the work is complete, we walk through all finishing touches with the contractors, as well as anything that needs to be fixed to complete the project.


Our chosen professional photographer comes in and makes it look magazine ready, so that we can add your gorgeous new dream spaces to our portfolio.